Brett Vorhauer

Our new business plan has become a road map to the future where we now have a renewed focus on where we are going and how we will get there. After many years of wasting time and money, we can already see the benefits flowing out of having a plan, sticking to it and having everyone pulling in the same direction. Crewe Sharp has offered us a level of accountability that is ensuring we all follow through on every task we commit to.

Robert Getreu

During the course of your engagement, I have considered your objectivity and honesty both refreshing and constructive. You were able to communicate to all levels in our organisation and the reaction from the various members of our company was very positive to say the least. Through your valuable input, we have been able to climb over major hurdles and progress to the next stage of the company’s development.

Grant Johnston

Crewe Sharp have assisted our company invaluably in achieving our growth objectives from a small family company turning over $1m to where we are now with annual turnovers approaching $400m. Their passion and drive to make things happen and set and achieve our goals are unparalleled. Their ability to make a plan work is the best there is. They actually get really involved to make it happen.

George Varelas

Crewe Sharp are not consultants who merely give advice, table a report and ‘leave you to it’ they are ‘hands on’ practical professionals who have years of in-depth real experience. One of their greatest attributes has been their willingness and ability to tackle all facets of the business, from local transport issues to sales staff training, to organisational restructure as well as presenting a case to financiers. Their no nonsense, direct approach has enabled our organisation to make quick and effective changes towards the desired outcomes.

John Turnbull

The Crewe Sharp organisation can not only provide a detailed plan of how to get there but also become involved in the implementation. I think that one of their greatest assets is their hands-on approach. I do not write this testimonial lightly. I have been an advocate of Crewe Sharp for some time and have no doubt that without their help we would not be where we are today.